About The House

THOS Fashion School Of Design was created to empower the individual who aspires to be a fashion designer. Our Program prepares the student with the education, skill and experience they need to become competitive in world of fashion.
Our mission is to teach the fundamentals of design with an entrepreneurial mindset to meet the challenges of the business of fashion.
Reaching success as a designer is extremely difficult without the proper training and education. At THOS Fashion School of Design we ensure our students get hands on training versus online classes that prove to be all too difficult or crowded classrooms.
We ensure that our students receive first hand instruction within our small classes and we do it at a fraction of the time and cost of other institutions.
The House Of Sanchez Fashion School Of Design students launch their collections in a short period time because of our dedication to them. The apprenticeship environment we offer excels the student’s ability to learn, become skillful, confident and ready to design like a professional. Our program produces designers who create a professionally finished work of art. We also offer opportunities to be involved in South Florida’s exciting fashion community from fashion shows to production and job placement.
Our reviews are top rated because we care about our students success. THOS Fashion School Of Design is considered the best for offering very small classroom size to ensure an optimal learning experience. We offer an accelerated program for students with full work schedules or other studies and our program will not burden our student with an outrageous tuition like most traditional schools.
We search for students who have a passion to succeed. We search for students who want to create a perfect work of art in fashion. Do you dream about designing the next big idea?
If you think you have what it takes to join the THOS Fashion School team then we invite you to visit us.
We offer several programs in designing and sewing and accept all levels from beginners to the more skilled.
Visit us or call for more information.
Class schedules are Monday thru Saturday.
Evenings classes are also available.
Call or text to 561-294-7280 for an appointment.