Q: Where is THOS Fashion Center located?
A: We are located in Beautiful downtown Boca Raton FL  281 N Federal Hwy. We are close to I95, FAU, beaches, Shopping and so much more.
Q: What differentiates THOS Fashion Center of Design from other art schools?
A: We are the only private school in the area that provides a fundamental teaching and discipline of the fashion industry without investing the traditional time and cost required at most universities or art schools. We offer a hands on approach versus a difficult online course which is not ideal for beginners and our classes are very small as opposed to the standard crowded classroom at most universities.
Q: Who is an ideal candidate for the school?
A: The individual who is searching for a top quality training and education. Also students who require portfolio preparation for the application process elsewhere.
Q: Do you offer classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students?
A: Classes are available to all levels.
Q: Is sketching experience required?
A: Step-by-step sketching techniques are taught to all students.
Q: Is sewing experience required?
A: Our courses provide all sewing lessons.
Q: Do I need knowledge of the fashion design industry to be accepted?
A: The purpose of the school is to provide the knowledge, skill set, and experience in the principles and techniques used by designers.
Q: Do I need my own sewing machine and other supplies?
A: The school supplies all necessary machines and tools needed with the exception of some smaller items.
Q: What is the cost od tuition?
A: Tuition and schedules vary depending on attendance and choice of course. We encourage students who are interested to contact the school for class scheduling and details.
Q: What days are the classes offered?
A: The class schedules are based on availability. We do our best to accommodate the student’s needs. We understand many students attend other schools and have day jobs. Interested students should contact the school for placement.