Students Say..

Kealan Lalanne

in the last week
I started THOS school of design, with no experience or knowledge in the process of designing clothing. At first I started off very slow when it came to making garments, but Letty was helpful every step of the way and always ready to answer my 15 million questions that I had each class. What’s so great about THOS is it truly allows you to learn the craft. From the small class setting to Letty who is a INCREDIBLE instructor, it makes it one of the PRIME fashion schools within the state of Florida. Because of the help and skills Letty/THOS helped me developed, I am know a design assistant for a Pittsburgh fashion designer by the name of Bradford Mumpower. There is no need to look further when it comes to fashion schools in Florida, with THOS you’ll recieve university level teaching in a small environment. Thank you THOS/LETTY for everything!


Eunicia Jovon

a month ago
I started the design program a couple months ago and I love it! I’ve learned so much and would definitely recommend this school


JsCing Niang

3 months ago
Letty is my aspiration in such a way of extraordinary: integrity, professionalism, knowledge, designing experience, and even life coach! Thanks God that I’m fortunate to attend THOS. She takes interest in her students’ personal growth and reaches individual success and empowerment. Her enthusiasm and patient is astonishing that she is always there for her students even busy time. She is a good model as mother, designer, and housewife. Where such a good leader is, THOS offers free style creativity, nurturing growth, and effective hand on learning.


Katherine Brown

4 months ago
Letty inspires me so much! And I’m fortunate to attend THOS. Letty’s integrity for her craft, professionalism, knowledge, and experience are bar none! She takes interest in her students personal growth, encourages independence , critical-thinking skills, problem solving skills, as well as sustains high expectations from all of us. She’s very patient and always displays enthusiasm, it’s evident this is her passion. THOS inspires, promotes, encourages free exchange of ideas, and creativity. The mood and atmosphere at THOS is safe, nurturing and very much conducive to effective learning.


Carolina Hinestroza

4 months ago
The House of Sanchez was an amazing experience!! The program and profesor are amazing. Prof. Letty is very involved and goes above and beyond for her students, she stays active within the local fashion industry and gives her students great opportunities by volunteering in local shows and helping designers/events directly. Once I started my own brand, I was able to expose my line in the Palm Beach Swim week run way show as a student graduate and I couldn’t be more thankful! The experience that I was exposed to as a new designer was amazing and so inspiring! The opportunities you will have with this program and working side by side with Profesor Letty are endless!