THOS Fashion School Of Design is the fashion hub for training budding fashionistas into becoming fashion entrepreneurs. We are not a college or university but a private school offering a strong curriculum with a no nonsense approach in the business of fashion.
Unlike any other school, THOS boasts about its small class size and it’s highly concentrated hands on training with an apprenticeship environment. THOS students receive the best training in technical skills and a detailed study in the the core fundamentals of design including the business of fashion.
The design program is created to prepare each student with the education, skill and experience needed will need to become competitive in the world of fashion. We make this reality possible by offering lower tuition costs, flexible schedules for busy individuals, and an accelerated program like no other.
The days of traditional education with outrageous tuition’s are becoming less attractive to today’s savvy student. Designers like Coco Chanel and Diane Von Furstenburg, did not invest years of their lives in the classroom. Instead they dedicated themselves to a work environment learning with their hands and putting their artistic eye to work. At THOS we immerse students into our design work environment and transform them into clothing engineers with the skill set of a professional designer for today’s times.
Our reviews are top rated because we care about our students’ investment and future.”Our students’ success is our success.”
We search for students who have a passion to succeed. We search for students who want to create art in fashion.
If you think you have what it takes to join the THOS Fashion Team then we invite you to visit us.
Please call for more information. Visit by appointment only.
Call or text to 561-294-7280