THOS Fashion School Of Design is Palm Beach County’s very own fashion hub for creative and emerging entrepreneurs alike. We take the raw potential of our budding fashionistas of all ages and tailor their talents into capable fashion design entrepreneurs. With our accelerated programs and affordable tuition pricing, we make sure our students are able to begin their careers in the fashion industry much sooner and efficiently than the rest of the competition.
Unlike any other school, THOS boasts about its small class size and it’s serious focus on having hands-on experience in an apprenticeship type environment. THOS students receive the best training in technical skills from an experienced professional with countless years of experience in the industry. Our core curriculum is carefully curated and highlights a detailed in-depth study of the core fundamentals of design including a heavy focus on the indispensable business side of fashion.
At THOS, we immerse our students into our design work environment and transform them into capable savvy clothing engineers equipped with the contemporary design skill set of a professional designer uniquely capable of dealing with not only the challenges of today’s time — but of the years and decades to come.