We specialize in several different programs.
The Fashion Design Program is for the student who wants to ultimately work for themselves as a designer, work for another designer or the high school student who needs help with the acceptance process at other schools around the country.
The Sewing Course is for the student who is interested only in learning to sew garments.

Fashion Entrepreneur Design Program

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Creating artists is what we do at THOS Fashion School Of Design.
And because we are determined to produce winners, we offer a program unlike any other. If your dream is to work with innovative ideas, amazing fabrics and a free flowing space for creativity, then join our design program. THOS offers 3 different curriculum. Each one includes the sewing program. The student in the design program will develop the mindset and skills to work like a professional in the business. The curriculum covers disciplines necessary in the fashion design industry and prepares the student in having a real world perspective in the business of fashion. The technical aspects of cutting/sewing, the artistic concepts for creating designs, and the knowledge of the business, are learned and tested in a challenging work environment to promote the students awareness and understanding.
We offer flexible schedules, affordable tuition, small class size and an infusion of creativity.
Contact school to inquire about program details. Call or text 561-294-7280

Young Fashionista Introductory Program


College Application/Portfolio Program


Project Sewing Course



This course is a concentrated immersion into the world of sewing. Project Sewing is independent of the fashion design program and created solely for the student interested in learning clothing construction. The course offers a study in the important details and direction necessary for creating  successful garments with appeal and good workmanship. This is an accelerated course for beginners and intermediate levels and is designed to teach unit construction skills immediately as opposed to other schools that prolong the lessons. The student in this course will finish with an in depth understanding of the processes.
Classes fill up quickly. Call or text 561-294-7280 for more detailed information.